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Dagger and Scythe (First Three Chapters)

Chapter One Maniodes stood in front of the fireplace in his office chambers, facing Scythe and Dagger. The fireplace was beautifully...

Autopsy Aftermath

Every wake up in an autopsy room? This person has, and they had to squish all of their organs back inside.

Witch of Katesar Woods

Evander is tired of being mocked for disproving a haunting. So, he'll prove them wrong too by finding the Witch of Katesar Woods.

Wraiths in the Rain

Adelphos has been wondering the woods for several hours, now it's getting dark, it's about to rain, and he is terrified.

Ruins: a poem

You stand upon the broken wall of a ruined castle. Having traveled for years to find this place you’re finally here. As you look over the...

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