Mini Blog!

I cannot wait for you all to finally read Silver Knowledge! I think I've been working on it for at least 3-4 years (granted with breaks in there). I am still waiting on the book to appear on Kindle/Amazon, but it should soon. It's fine everywhere else. I also added more info for it just below here. 

Also, I may have started a new short story. It's interesting but I'll stay vague about that one for now. 

The newest standalone novel has a title too! Spark of an Empire! Currently working on that first draft too, along with the fourth book for the Ichorian Epics. 

By the way, there's more info on Silver Knowledge just below!


Silver Knowledge

March 15th, 2022

When his father died Errol expected nothing, given how strained their relationship was. Apparently, there was one final gift waiting in the office: a silver pen in a tiny black casket. It seemed ordinary, without inscriptions or signs of wear. Everything seemed normal until it started writing on its own. The ink flowing like blood.

Ebook only at Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo. (Kindles coming soon.)


A Bit About Me.

I have always loved stories. They explore weird new ideas, and bring people together. After years of reading fantasy and horror I wanted to combine them together into my own dark fantasy. And given the BA in Classical Civilizations and fascination in Ancient Greek mythology I blended it well into my stories too. Other then reading in my spare time I love to play video games quite often.

I hope the site is helpful! I wanted to make it a central hub for anything book related, the editing business, including Patreon. You can also get signed copies of my books if you like!  

You can also find me on social media with a Facebook Group for the writing updates, and a Page there for my editing business. Twitter is full of teasers of my books. Youtube is mainly book reviews and longer writing discussions. And Tiktok has all of the fun little videos (updates, reading and writing skits, all that stuff). 

Era of Undying Front Cover_edited.png

Era of Undying

Meet Pen on her reluctant journey to find the goddess of the dead. The first in the Ichorian Epics that followed the demigod like Blood Warrior. The only person in existence who can move her blood outside of her body, and shape it at will. With a prequal already released (Dagger and Scythe) and a proper sequel on the way (Grief of the Undying) come get to know Pen. 

Start the adventure here, and you'll come to love these wonderfully dark characters. (Scythe does like to intentionally break things, and Dagger is always making something new out of human bones, but they have their own tale, of course.) 

Some free chapters are in the "Short Story" section.