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What is Developmental Editing?

Developmental editing basically looks at the story as a whole, on a larger scale. It’s keeping an eye on character development, plot holes, and consistency. It helps in pin pointing where your story can be strengthened.

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What I Specifically Do

I'll read over your novel (in a .docx file) and provide comments on how it can improve. A developmental editor focuses on a larger scale of the overall story itself. How is the plot developing? Do their character motivations make sense? How is the setting fitting into all this? I'll also edit things like readability, flow, pacing, clarity, setting description, and showing vs telling.

Little details that can slip past in the plot or structure as well. I'll leave suggestions on anything that can strengthen your developing story. And if there's anything specific you'd like me to look at too just let me know!

Editing is hard, but your story is worth it. And I'll always stick to your themes and style, but it could probably be strengthened with a good edit.

Any word count is welcome for my kind of developmental editing, and I can do the first 2000 words as a free sample! That way we can get used to each other’s style.

Genres I specialize in (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, General Fiction, Romance. Erotica is also fine, just let me know how "spicy" it is.)

Rates: $100 per 10k words ($0.01 per word.) 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Client Reviews ( 4 )

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"Emilie is a fantastic editor and was amazing to work with. Really helped me fine tune some characters and catch things I missed on several draft attempts. She was clever and concise, and gave great feedback on things she loved, as well as things that could use some work. The entire experience working with her was fantastic and I'd definitely work with her again on future projects!"

Jason Goss, author of "Tome of the Vampire"

Feel Free to Contact Me

Thanks for submitting!

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A Bit About Me and Why I got into Storytelling

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, and looking back I think it honestly started when I was a kid. I also loved following shows and seeing how the characters changes, or how something was set up and then paid off later on.
When I really got into reading, mainly with fantasy and some horror, I instantly fell in love with the craft of it all. How a sentence can be perfectly structured to be just a little ambiguous on purpose, or show a perfectly clear snowflake in a storm. How hints in the story are hidden and then only revealed later with a new context, and you realized something big has been foreshadowed the entire time.  
As I grew older, obviously I needed a job. I thought about being an archaeologist for a little while in university, but I settled into an office job. It’s stable, the people are nice, and while it’s not the most exciting, it pays the bills. After a few years I found myself in a comfortable rut, but my mentality was getting a little darker. Nothing extreme, but I realized that I was stuck and not really enjoying what I did in life.
Stories were always there for me, books especially, but shows and movies as well. So, I decided to break out of my mentality rut, and not exactly quit my day job, but start writing a novel. And I’m proud of that little dark fantasy (Era of Undying.)

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Mini Blog!

I cannot wait for you all to finally read Silver Knowledge! I think I've been working on it for at least 3-4 years (granted with breaks in there).

Also, I've finished a few other short stories, and I might have enough material to collect them, and Silver Knowledge, into a single book. 

The newest standalone novel has a title too! Sparks! Currently working on that sixth draft too, and I just sent it off to my editor again to see her thoughts on the larger changes. Super excited for this one to be complete! 

Oh! And you can also find me on social media through Tiktok and Discord. 

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