Emilie Knight: Author of the Ichorian Epics


Coming Soon: Grief of the Undying

A long time has past since Pen has even interacted with anyone. Only one person, Raisa, knows of her existence. Now the Queen of Stymphalia needs Pen's help with a serial killer who's ripping out women's throats. Raisa must find Pen in a timely manner, and Pen needs to find this killer by any means necessary.


Dagger and Scythe

October 1st, 2019

Her scythe is perfectly curved for slicing.

His dagger, made of folded steel, is ready to strike.

But are they strong enough to take on gods?

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A Bit About Me.

I have always loved stories. They explore weird new ideas, and bring people together. After years of reading fantasy and horror I wanted to combine them together into my own dark fantasy. And given the BA in Classical Civilizations and fascination in Ancient Greek mythology I blended it well into my stories too. Other then reading in my spare time I love to play video games quite often.


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