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  • Emilie Knight

Painted Set

She slumped down into the only chair in the studio, wishing she hadn’t polished off the final beer last night. She could use one now. Another customer had started screaming today about the lack of refills he had left. She had almost felt bad for him, until he called her a ‘lying bitch and drug addict’ before stalking off.

At least she was home now, but the same cheerful job at the pharmacy would continue tomorrow, and the next day.

She shifted forward in the well-worn maroon chair and stared at the art supplies in the small room. The large blank canvases that were leaning off to the other wall were beckoning though. The urge to start a new project teased at her but she managed to set that urge aside. Though she wasn’t always successful at that. Several half-finished paintings sat abandoned behind her chair.

The current painting was a partially depicted film set. It waited patiently for her, which was a lot more then she could say about her own patience at work. She wondered if it needed more details but she liked the simplicity of this piece.

Rough silhouettes of a film crew milled about in the paint. One female figure was applying make up to another’s forehead beside a giant light on a steady tripod. At least that’s what it should look like. The giant light was hardly more than a sketch.

She stood up, still wishing she had that drink but content without it. A jar splattered with black ink, one of many, waited on the table beside the easel. The paint brushed inside the jar stood diligently, waiting eagerly to be picked.

She picked a small soft one, stained red but still usable. She continued with the simple style for now, putting aside the idea for more details later.