Editing and Beta Reading

Let me help you make your story awesome.

Tier 1: Beta Reading

  • Let me help with your story. With beta reading the first draft I can leave reactionary comments on character development, their motivations, and any plot holes I find.

  • Pricing is $15 per 10k words. (Basically, $0.0015 per word).

Tier 2: In Depth Developmental Edit

  • I will go into very detailed notes about story, plot, characters, anything that may feel off, as well as grammatical corrections, structure, and formatting. If the pacing feels a bit slow or too fast, or if a character says something that doesn't quite fit them or the moment, I will let you know. 

  • I will go into the most detail here to really help you flesh out your story.

  • Pricing is $50 per 10k (Basically, $0.005 per word.)




Emilie was a fantastic beta reader and offered really great insights. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future.


Feel Free to Contact Me

Even if you just have questions.


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